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Xiangxin Aluminum Group  R & D team

The company was established in 2009, technology centers, identified in 2014 as a municipal enterprise technology center, the company is to achieve technological innovation and sustainable development of the technology platform, technology center building area of ​​7100 M2, invested 22 million yuan detection equipment research and development. The Centre has a fully equipped R & D environment, world-class research and development equipment, and equipped with full-time research staff of 85 people, including senior staff of 15 people, Dr. 1. Actively establish centers and institutions of higher learning and research institutions long-term scientific and technological cooperation relations and technical cooperation with Germany, Russia, Ukraine and other European countries in order to strengthen the high-tech research and development capabilities. By strengthening and universities, research institutes and related professional production, study and research cooperate fully with the basis of their theory, the scientific and technological achievements into industrial technologies into products.

      In recent years, Xiang Xin Technology Center and the Central South University, Fuzhou University, iron ASTRI, Beijing Nonferrous Research Institute and other well-known domestic research institutions to strengthen cooperation, completed or ongoing development of a number of new materials products and technologies, for the subsequent development of enterprises has provided technical reserves.

Xiangxin Aluminum Group  R & D equipment

Shimadzu photoelectric direct reading spectrometer

US plasma emission spectrometer

Germany's top research grade microscope universal

Shimadzu tensile testing machine

Xiangxin Aluminum Group R & D results

The Centre in materials development and application of technology in aluminum over the years undertaken to lay a more solid theoretical foundation and professional advantages. Center researchers chaired or participated in the project include provincial and municipal major regional projects, "6105 aluminum ladder special profiles of development and industrialization," "7005 high strength special profiles of development and industrialization" and other projects, many research projects are provincial, project support city and county science and technology sector, "Xiang Xin card multifunction aluminum ladder" has been the product quality award in Fuzhou, developed under the auspices of the national standards for portable aluminum ladders. The company has obtained 22 patents (21 patents appearance, utility model patents 1), 2013--2014 years and declared invention patents, a new patent. Currently declare the work of the provincial science and technology projects underway, city, county and other special of


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